colorado gold conference

Sorry so quiet; I'm neck deep in writing and life.

At home I'm working on our new TV room. Sofa: ordered. Cocktail table: arrived. Assorted suzani pillows and Turkish accessories: gathered. I'll post pics in a few weeks when it's seen some real progress.

Meanwhile, this weekend I head to the Colorado Gold Writing Conference. A basic schedule below, all of my stuff is on Friday, woot!
  • 1 pm Visiting Author Panel with Margaret George, Rob Thurman, and Ronald Malf
  • 3 pm The New age of Noir and Pulp
  • Table host with Rob Thurman
  • 8 pm Signing: Friday Night. Open to the public.
I'll also be in and around the con suite, as I usually help out with that. And, of course, all together now, You can usually find me in the bar.

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