uf manifesto now in paperback, among other things

UF Manifesto, the urban fantasy anthology which features my story "Chains of Gray" (angels and demons and such) is available now in paperback.

ELECTRIC SPEC has a new issue! 5 great stories, go read. :) 

Also, in two weeks, I'll be at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Writing Conference. I have a panel on noir with Warren Hammond and Mario Acevedo, I'll be moderating the GOH panel, and of course I'll be around in the bar daytime and in the con suite after hours. It's a great conference and there's still room, any of you writer types!!

Other than that, I'm mostly head-down, writing on EMISSARY. It's coming nicely, but slower than I'd like. So today I'm really gonna crack the whip. I'll leave you with that imagery.

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