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Characters and Terms


Elena – Queen of Akrasia and Brîn
Gusten Va Khlar – Son of the trader Va Khlar
Hekron – Elena’s grandfather
Melie – Elena’s maid
Shisa – a river drogher driver
Reavan – Queen Elena’s Lord Marshal
Urian – baron of Reschan
Va Khlar – Trader of Reschan


Aarinnaie – Princess of Brîn, daughter of Prince Khel of Brîn
Draken – A half-Monoean, half-Brînian ex-slave, cousin to the King of Monoea
Geord – Aarinnaie’s betrothed, Heir Apparent to the Prince of Brîn
Ghotze – commander of the Szi’s fleet
Halmar – Comhanor of the Szi Nêre, Prince of Brîn’s royal guard
Hina Shaim – steward Emissary
Khel – styled Prince of Khel (Akrasian) or Khel Szi (Brînish) Prince at Brîn,                   sworn to the Akrasian Crown
Konnon – a szi nêre, royal guard to the heir apparent of Brîn


Galene – Innkeeper of the Crossing Inn
Thom – half-brother to Shisa, a drogher driver


Truls – Mance King
Osias – Prince of Mance
Setia – Osias’ familiar and companion, half Brînian/half Moonling

Oklai – Tribal leader of one tribe of Moonlings


Agrias – God of Agriculture
Elna - Goddess of Fertility
Khellian – God of War
Korde – God of Death, keeper of evil souls, Lord of Eidola
Ma’Vanni – The Mother, keeper of souls, Goddess of the Sea
Shaim -God of Intelligence
Zozia – Goddess of the Weak and Children

Brînish terms:

Ahken Khel - (Ahken – Seaborn of Khel – family name)
Brîn –  city and principality
Brînish – language of Brîn
Brînian – people and adjective
comhanar – captain
cheof nêre – warrior lord
fhavla Korde–Banes –literal trans - spirits of Korde
Khel – family name, descended from the god Khellian
Khel Szi or Szi- Prince, or more specific: Prince descended from Khellian, god of War
Khel Szirin or Szirin - Princess
kinve – bastard son, claimed with a brand but unlanded
nêre – a landless warrior lord
szi nêre - royal guard to Prince of Brîn

Place names:

Agrian Range - mountains
Agrian Coast
Algir - city
Akrasia – nation
Auwaer – capitol of Akrasia
Brîn - City
Blood Bay – Bay of Brîn
Crossing Inn – an inn in lower Akrasia
Dragonstar Isles
Elnan Coast
Eidola – mountain nation of the Mance
Grasslands – a large section of Akrasia with roaming horse tribes 
Hoarfrost Sea - upper seas, impassible due to icebergs during winter
Khein – village and stronghold
Khein Bay
Khial Akrasian Vein – mining vein of moonwrought
Khial Mining Region
Monoea – nation
Parne –village
Reschan  - trading city on River Eros
River Erros – main river
Rimeguard – a large breaker island of rock and ice in the Hoarfrost Sea
Septmere – lake in the grasslands
Septonshir– a region of grassland trading villages and rivers/streams
Skyhaven – secret Moonling village
Skymarke Lake – a large lake against the Agrian Range, source of the River Erros
Zozian Coast

Race names:

Akrasian – people and the language
Brînian – people
Brînish – language
Gadye – a traveling, mystical, masked people
Mance –death speaker, mage
Monoean – people and the language
Moonling – tiny dappled people, woodlands and mountains

Slang and terms

Crowns – common coins, not guaranteed against counter-fitting
Cursed moons  - curse the gods
Fair – used as a qualifier, as in “very”
Moonwrought – a precious white metal
Rare – moonwrought coins guaranteed by the crown, with Elena’s image     
Sevennight – seven days, during which all moons will appear once               
Seven Eyes – the gods, also as an interjection
Seven Pardons – asking pardon of the gods and the person spoken to
Sohalia – annual celebration when the seven moons are in the sky at once
Truth – interjection
‘wrought – moonwrought


Mountain lions—maned great cats with tusks
Errings – humanoid water mammals, vicious hunters and killers
seacats – Ocean fish that can grow larger than a human with whiskers  


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