Dude, dude. I know. I'm a sucky blog-mom. But I actually have things to report:

I was at Colorado Gold. Wonderfully amazing things happened with Rob Thurman and Ronald Malfi. But, alas, what happens in the con suite stays in the con suite.

Until it doesn't.

At any rate, I've got two interviews this week. One TODAY. I rather enjoyed this because they sought me out because of my cover. LINK!

I keep saying mine is the only fantasy out at the moment with a black man on the cover. I know. A little crass. But seriously...

Anyway, we talk about characters of color and other things.

At WorldCon I did a podcast interview with the HUGO AWARD WINNING Patrick Hester.  That'll be on SF Signal on Thursday. Link forthcoming. LINK! 

I'm still sitting at around 110k words on EMISSARY. (Yes, I'm writing. Taking out some bad words and replacing with good ones.) Good news (for me) bad news (for y'all): I've moved my due date to next spring so it won't be out until 2015. I'm going to try my damnedest to sell some short stories in the meantime. I am ever cognizant of my responsibility to entertain you.

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