Someone asked me a question about swords, which was which sort I'd want if I could have a real, live working one?

The sæx fits the bill pretty well for me. I'm short (5') and on my best day I'd never hold anyone off with a longsword. I just don't have the reach or leverage.

I researched and designed a sæx for my enemy army in EMISSARY. The Monoeans need something quick and cheap to produce and easy to train on; they have a huge army. Their style is to fight in close quarters after their phalanx breaks down. They also go on long marches so they need light weapons that can be used for other things, like hunting or cutting through brush. The sæx is basically a long knife or dagger. My fictional version is fairly long for a sæx, which probably would mean an 18" - 20" blade. This is paired with an armored vambrace, a big leather glove that goes to the elbow with plates of metal riveted to it.

Of course the army also has the requisite archers, big machinery operators, and most lords and "landed," as the high lords are called, have long swords because they have the time and money to train on them. 

As for me, a sæx  paired with a recurve bow and some training, I might just survive the Zombacalypse.

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