draken has arrived

I neglected to mention I'm writing at the Night Bazaar for a few months. Mondays, people. Here's my first post, on the last day of 2012.
I don't really tend to look back, because, well, it's over init? 2012 was... a year. I'll give it that. It actually was a banner year, career-wise. First paperback came out.  Two book deal. Agent.  Pretty fucking awesome. Personally...well, maybe not so much. Changes and struggles that are still going on. But bah on that. We're moving on.


Lookee what I got last night! 
Draken is HERE!

Yes, they are more gorgeous in person 
than in the picture, even. 
My friend Stuart Neville is reading at Tattered Cover on Colfax tomorrow night. Since we usually only get to see each other once a year, I'm pretty excited. There will be reading. There will be talking (in a NI accent.) And beer. Massive amounts of beer. 
New projects for this year. Day 4 and we already cooked some stuff up.
A SF series based on The Lost Prince that a few readers have been asking for. I love me some space opera, so woot! And Katriel is so bad ass, she's a blast to write. (btw, it's 3.99 at Amazon right now...might go pick up an eCopy if you want.)


The Silver Scar, a project I put on hold. It's time to bring Trinidad and Castile back out into the light. I've talked about them on the blog before.
Readers have given me some great feedback about this story and many say it's the best thing I've written to date--including a couple very recently. Woot! I loves it so muches, which is damn scary. 
But as the BrĂ®nians say:  
Terror is our only enemy.  
We defeat it by dying.

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