winter break

We're now on winter break   woot!  though it's warm today so we actually were contemplating having a drink out at our new bar on the patio later. The coming days are filled with fun, activities right up to Christmas and beyond, then to the lake and more hijinx there.

Generally one of the few days I don't write is Christmas. We tend to hang in our jammies all day and relax, and play with the new toys. Except the kids are old enough that the toys aren't so much toys any more. I'm looking forward to not having to bring pliers and a screwdriver and an assload of batteries to Christmas this year!!

Up until then, though I'll be making  a minimum 1000 word a day count, hopefully more, much more. Today will be fun and full; writing, baking, sewing, working out, walking the dog, taking oldest out to buy a present for youngest, and later tonight, hanging at Conors and watching the Indulgers rock out. Busy, busy.

Hope you all have fabulous plans for the rest of the year. I might post, I might not; if not, I'll see ya in 2013.

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RenataH said...

Here's to a prosperous, published new year!