I'm having an at-home vacation this week. A friend is in town and kids are in camp. So, I know  you were wondering why I'm so quiet, but I'm FINE. Stop worrying. Next week I should return to my semi-not-very-regular posting schedule.

Or not.

Cuz I have assloads of work to do and then I get another vacayyytion, for even longer that time. And then LOST PRINCE comes out and I start this massive blog tour that will take me everywhere on the Internet you want to be.  Kind of like Visa. Or Mastercard. Or American Express. So much for advertising.

The summer will be over before I know it at this rate. How's  yours coming along?


siebendach said...

Oh good LORD! The last post was already over the top, now your kids are in CAMP while your friends are in town? I suppose that means they're out of diapers then? So tell me... ya miss diapers yet? I suppose everyone's glad to be done with diapers at FIRST, but that's just the initial rush, right? Surely you get nostalgic for them? Once in a while, maybe ...?

I suppose you'll be winning the lottery next week...

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

No. But I did get a kickass new phone. AND I'm going to Disneyworld.

And yes, we're 8 years out of diapers and loving every minute of it.