typing the end

I got to do that last night on a book that seems like it's taken forever to write. It's odd. It's a complete rewrite of a book I wrote ages ago. At that time the book flowed at 20 pages a day. This time I was lucky to get 20 words in a single seating.  Tough stuff, but hopefully the bones are there.  I'm putting it away for now. Other projects loom.

In other news I got a new phone. I'd take a pic, but it's tough to take a pick of your phone with your phone. Its the Android HTC Inspire. So far I'm loving everything about it except for the one thing that I thought I might go iPhone for: the music program. I'm using doubleTwist, but it's not terribly intuitive. And at a $5 price point it damn well should be. Also, it doesn't order the songs in Album order.  Um. Duh? You'll read online that it puts the songs alphabetically, but it doesn't.

it's not alphabetical,
it's actually nonsensical.

Hey, I made a little poem. Get me.

I'm also planning the Epic Blog Tour for the LOST PRINCE release next month.

AND I'm going to Disney World!

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Marne Ann said...

A few things:
a) CONGRATS on finishing another novel. That matters! (even if you don't feel it's perfect yet). So you GO, Girl!
b) I wanna go with... I won't even say, "he's looking at me," or "are we there yet?" once. Promise!
c) There isn't one.
Talk to you soon!