just checking in

new magic carpet from Turkey
My Husband the World Traveler sent me delightful stuff from Turkey, among them The Rug. It's beautiful, soft enough to float on, and magic!  Of course it belongs in my office, where I do most of my dreaming.

I've a full, full day ahead of me so I'm mostly going to be away from the desk and the blog. I had a nice day yesterday, though, lounging in the sun. Even got a smattering of writing done. I'm resigned to the fact that I can only write AOE in fits and starts, a couple of sentences at a time. Srsly, I have to reward myself after two sentences. The reward? Usually getting up to change laundry.

It's another grim weather day but I've two parties to attend tonight, good friends to see, company coming tomorrow, and a whole flock of errands. So I'm off.

Oh. And I'm getting quite tan. Already. My anniversary ring looks lovely on a tan.


siebendach said...

So you're sitting there drinking fancy tea from Turkey, wearing fancy rings and relaxing on your fancy One Rug To Rule Them All?

While writing stories? Who do you think you are, Scheherazade?

I'm jealous, of course:)

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

And I get to go to the pool and get tan. You forgot the tan. It's totally hot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also forgot your busy social calendar. Good friends, parties every night ... must be tough!

Hang in there and try to be strong.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

(SIGH) I'm trying, but it's so DIFFICULT...

Marne Ann said...

Very cool rug, Miss Bets! Very nice.
Can't wait to have you visit our blog.