I'm going with Salt Road Saga.  So congrats Keiron. Email me and let me know what format you want DEADLY BY THE DOZEN in.  And yes, Kiz'ran will be a character in the next book and I have such gleeful, wonderful, bloody plans for him...

Why did I pick this title out of the many, many good ones? (I mean that. Obviously I took my time thinking it over.)

Coupla reasons:

The Salt Road inspired this entire series. I've always been fascinated by trading and trade routes. It's something I've wanted to use as a backdrop in a story for a long time. Salt is an actual nutrient, so humans need it to live. It's valuable for preservation, as well. If a planet is salt deprived, it makes it difficult to inhabit, or at least easy to hamstring. There's also the whole economics of important trade routes.  Rebellion around a trading route, something that binds six galaxies into an empire, gives me a pretty robust Big Concept to build a series around.

But also, the imagery around salt intrigues me as well: it's white (good), it's essential, but too much can kill (balance), it's a spice (to me that means living large), but it's also a basic human taste (taking pleasure in the smaller things). 

Overall, salt itself has a assload of historical background to play with, including bringing different cultures together.

Thanks for y'all's help!!!


Kieron Heath said...


I didn't actually think I would have won. Thanks very much Betsy.

If you point me in the direction of your email address I will contact you shortly.

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My bad. Thought it was on my profile. use tamingthetiger at gmail dot com