i'm tough like bad chickin

There's a guy server at Winter Park Derailer bar who I've been scoping all season, even after my gaydar went off. And then I realized why. He looks JUST like Jason, one of the characters in the SENTINEL series. It's just...weird, man. Jason. Dude. Right there in front of me. He's all smokin' hotness, too. After watching him a little more and hearing his sexy voice, I decided he might be bi. He was a little flirty, but not nearly enough, though. Of course, I'm old so he might be plenty flirty with other chicks. And of course I'm always at my most gorgeous after a day on the slopes.

I'm sore from snowboarding. Biffed a couple of jumps and the snow was packed and hard. My ass is not happy with me today, nor my neck and upper back. Oh well, price to pay for having fun. Season is winding down. Sadness. Oh well, I hope to get about 5 more days in, so it's all good. Mental note: remember the wrist guards next time.

Oh, I got a new piercing, a barbell in my left ear cartilage. It's gold and it's not cute. It's TOUGH. That's what it is, motherfucker. Don't say cute or I'll do you damage. Nothing says tough like a barbell in your ear, so there. My hubbins is convinced I have a bit of the Roma in my blood. He just rolls his eyes and puts up with me, like usual. Such a good 'un.

Live sighting op: I'll be in Denver at Fado's big party for St. Pats. All day and into the night, rockin out to some of my fave local bands. I'll be the drunk one wearing green.

Hahahahahahahahaha! I AM SO FUNNY!

I don't hear any laughing, mofo. Laugh.

Sheee-it. That's all I got. I have to go write a guest blog post and another post for the Electric Spec blog. I need ideas, man! Gimme your writing post ideas!! Gimme gimme.


Anonymous said...

("My ass hurts from falling off my chair from laughing so hard")
A lot less comfortable than ROFLMAO. Probably more believable, too.

Everything about this post was hysterical! Well, not the barbell thing. That scares me ...

sex scenes at starbucks, said...


heh, Sie.