monday meat

A new feature: Monday Meat.

I have an interview up over at Wicked Muses. Go. Read. Oggle the hottie in the header. Or something.

I'm looking at lots of author sites. I need to revamp this old 90s apartment into a super sleek new-century luxury condo. Bleh. Not interested in doing that. But...le sigh. I must.
Had a brilliant day snowboarding Saturday. Great snow and I played hard. The legs are in pretty good shape for a couple of weeks off, actually. I haven't been working out cuz I've been coughing. Still. My apologies to everyone in lift lines who got to see my copious amounts of snot. Snowboarders seen to give a crap about seeing snot. Skier turn up their noses, and their twin tips, at it. Go figure. Oh, and speaking of skiers, the freestyle skiers in the competition on Saturday were collectively a bunch of ASSHOLES. Cutting lift lines with barely a word for us muggles. Sure, they're fun to watch, but altogether too full of themselves.

And then there's the hullabaloo over bad reviews and writers' takes on them.  Hmm. My feeling? Reading reviews on my books is eavesdropping. It's between readers and reviewers and I ain't invited to the party. As for the Secret Cabal Of Angry Writers Who Will Crush Your Writerly Dreams Should You Write A Bad Review On Their Work,  well, if we talked about it, it wouldn't be secret, now would it?

Seriously though, writers need to get a grip. I'm way too busy* to ruin anyone's career. Every other working writer I know is even busier than me. Plus I suck the big wang at holding grudges. (I've only got the one. Grudge, I mean. I'd have to kill you if I told you.) Plus, you know what else? With a few exceptions, I don't actually care as much about anyone else's career  nearly as much as my own.** I'm super-selfish that way.

Yes, yes, the contest. I'm still thinking, okay? You guys are too good. And it's still open if someone wants to sneak a bid in at the last moment.

* hello? two sequels to write this year. plus another book to finish and submit. add it up, something like 200K words
**kinda like how I don't care who other people marry

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