Couple of things on my mind today.

First off, I don't think I can raise enough money in comparison to the amount of time it would take. So I'll just give some and call it done.  And really, the point of it is also promotion, right, and something on that didn't sit right. Like going to a party at a fancy house to raise money for the homeless.  I mean, shit. Just give. An excellent place to give would be to St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder  btw.  They're honest, and they're getting donations matched.  Just a thought.

Second, I always wanted to be weird like a rock star and I think I might be. I've read a couple of articles in this week's Rolling Stone, and I'm identifying with, of all people, John Mayer.  Not a fan. Couldn't pick out a song of his.  I don't think he's much hot. But I can identify with a lot of what he says, and even more with what he doesn't.

3rd: I've realized that writing SCAR has become like writing four novellas about the same event.  For instance, the Indigo Landry, the greyest of my characters, has to be a wee bit more sympathetic. I've given her a sister who is the bane of her existence, but because leadership is hereditary in the tribe, Sister must be kept close.  It's a whole massive relationship to explore, and here's the clincher:  I don't have a sister.

So there. Proves I have no idea of which I write. 

I've been craving to write a post about my hatred of team sports, but I'm too afraid the big burly sports fans will come after me, so I'll refrain.  Only a couple more emails to send and my workday is finito here.

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