so. go. do.

It occurs to me that I very much wish I had some art or some such to auction for Haiti.  Being more of the starving variety of artist, myself, I don't know that I do. 

Oh, I do have some old painted tiles I've done, lo this decade or more ago.  And I've got some stories.  And a book or two lying about, which I could print on Lulu and sign and such. But really, I don't know that any of it is anything anyone wants to bid on because, honestly, I'm me, and me isn't really much of anybody.

I'd love to do some signed, color copies of QUENCHER (with illustrations! you hopefully say) .  I do quite like the cover, and I've thought about contacting the artist to get a decent print of it made, though I'm sure it's digital in form at the moment, and getting her to sign it, and me, and E. Cameron Stacy.  That would be for my office, but then, if we did that, we could do 2 of them and stick them out there for a bid.

But really, what would anyone DO with such a thing, really, and why not just throw money at Haiti anyway? Seems like a bit of middleman trouble when Paypal and such exists.  So.  Go.  Do.nate. They're decent people, desperate and starving.

*Middleman Trouble is an excellent short story title, btw.  You can have that for free.

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