hello friday, where've you been all week?

I'm getting all new door knobs in my house! I know, you're shocked and awed at the thrilling life I lead. But, the upshot is that I'm going to have pretty new bronze doorknobs and get rid of the faux brass. With new hinges too! Yeah. The husband, as you can imagine, is thrilled.

Speaking of, he thinks we should go to the X-Games in LA next summer. See, now, this is why I stay marrid to that brilliant man. I've been to the winter games; time to head to the coast for some skateboarding and MX trix. Of course, the kids were all over it once they found out it's remotely near Legoland.

I want robots for my birthday. I'm getting kids' sized jeans 10 and 7, lots of new socks and underwear, kid's snow boots, pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, and maaaybe, if I'm luuuucky....new backpacks!!

Of course, back-to-school could be considered a birthday present from the universe, but IT DOESN'T COUNT, you husband you, so don't think you're off the hook!

My friend's son is breathing on his own. Thanks for all the prayers, candles, and well-wishes. No idea if we're really out of the woods yet, and he's still in a medically induced coma, but it means a great deal to the family to have everyone rally around him like this. That it restores my faith in the goodness of humanity is a side benefit. And while I don't know the details of the trucker who hit them besides that alcohol was ruled out, I'm certain he didn't mean to do this to this family. His life will never be the same. So send a little goodness his way that he may someday have some peace.

Tonight I'll be making an appearance at Conors to see the Indulgers play with a friend of mine so come by and say hi if you're so inclined. She's an actress. Yes, she's famous. And hot, too.

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