Two in one day, are you lucky or what?

Had an impromptu party at my house in lieu of going out to Conors. Conors would have been fun. But I'm in this big ugly black boot on one leg, which people stare at because they stare at me for some reason, but only now they have a new reason, and so it's probably good that I stayed home and stuck with a few cans o' Coors (pronounced Curs Light).

There is nothing, but nothing, more comfy than my old cutoffs. The husband says it's sexy when the pockets hang down below the frayed edge? It bugs me. Anyone care to weigh in on that debate?

Black toenail polish is astoundingly difficult to get off. As in, if I were in a nuclear attack, the only thing left of me would be my black toenail polish. (Mot the toenails or the toes or the toe rings or the broken foot, mind you. Just the polish.)

What color am I going to paint them now? (Cuz I know you guys live for this shit.)

Um, duh. Black.

Ok, going to bed with my Crackberry now. Gosh I love it, I loves it so much, it's my precciousssss. I'm going to write an epic journey SF/F which pits a crackberry against an evil Iphone. I'll be rich, yesss I will, my precciousss.

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