mile hi con is coming!

I know, I've been MIA lately. And I realize you depend on us for late-breaking news and talk of writing and all things alcohol, but I've been out, lately, Yeah, that's it. On alcohol.

First a question: Can anyone explain to me why the Olympics are being held in one of the filthiest contries on the planet? Caveat: I have a complete lack of interest in many of the eastern countries, especially Japan. China only marginally comes above that.


Call me an ignernt American. I just don't like red laquer and dragons, aight? It's more an aesthetics thing for me. I do like looking at their writing, no question their weaponry was tops 2500 years ago, their food is decent, and it's certainly not like I look at Chinese people (of which there are a few around, even here) and think "Oh Christ, here they come!"

It's not like what I think when I look at 20ish-year-old Japanese guys. Have you ever noticed how much they giggle? It's positively repulsive, and I'm attracted to gay guys. Except the gay guys wouldn't be caught dead giggling. Most of girls over five don't giggle.

Now that I've offended many of the surfers who cruise through this site each day (seriously, I've checked) we'll move on.

We've had a bit of a crisis in the in-law family over the past six months. Much of that crisis was averted/resolved this weekend. I had a great time with my inlaws. They really are great folks, and one of them has got a baby so I totally got my baby fix for the decade--hehhehheh. That was a joke! Get it, cuz I'm not so into babies anymore, what with the diapers and spitting and crying... Never mind. I actually am into babies. I loooove babies. Just not Chinese babies.

KIDDING!! I'm kidding, all right? Keep your pants on.

Unless you're playing Dance-Off-Pants-Off.

Or unless you're Johnny Depp, or Conduit, who I've just found out has "dangly parts" and since he's prone to hyperbole, should just go on and prove it.

This is my brain. This is my brain on 537 pages of revisions in less than a month.

Now perhaps you understand the reason for the break.

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