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Would you read this book?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend has never been more true…

Decades of Jihadist attacks nearly brought the US to knees, and by 2065 Christianity has an isolationist stranglehold on US politics and has all but eradicated other religions from within its borders. However, a final bastion of one of the oldest faiths remains: Wicca. Dominic Dixon, a former alter boy, marine, and clairvoyant, leads the war effort in Denver against these purported devil worshippers. However, when a Wiccan priest saves Dixon during a fight with a real demon, he realizes that the Wiccans are not what they seem and that Christianity has been fighting the wrong enemy all along.

Dixon's own priests are not so easy to convince. Using coercion to sheer brute force, Dixon must unite two adversaries against an invading army from Hell. He can only pray they've joined the fight in time.

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