I'm not much of a happy camper these days, what with no writing and little time for anything but keeping house and kids together. My brain is mush and I'm often too tired to read at night. I don't even have time to work out! Is there a fluctuation in the fourth dimension that I haven't heard of? Some sort of warpage that's shortened the hours in the day? Wouldn't be surprised--not like I've got time to watch the news.

Tomorrow is frickin' jury duty. Grr. I'm sure it's never a good time for anyone, but I'm equally sure that I'm not the jurer they want.

Only good news: the husband will be out of the house most every day for the next six months. That means when school starts on August 20, exactly four weeks from today, I will have 6 or so hours per day of SILENCE.

Went to see Motocross on Sunday. My guy, Josh Grant, who I picked at the track based on his snappy red get-up, got a 3rd and a 4th. I can usually pick 'em for some reason, and after reading up on him, I realize he's an up-and-comer. Very cool. Other than that it was dirty, hot, and then hot some more. 107. I wore a Fox tube top and cut-offs (the husband loves when I dress all white-trashy) and I got so hot I just rolled it up for the bare midriff, just to get a breath of air on the skin. Nice and purty for the motocross fans.

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