I realize WIRED is the PEOPLE of the technology world, but I still enjoy the hell out of it. This month is the how-to issue, splashed with ex-con Martha making Wii cakes and shit. Guess I know what I'll be reading at the pool tomorrow. But for tonight, they've got a bit on how to rule the blogosphere. Page 117, if anyone's trying to follow along in their Bible.

warning, will robinson: plagarism might ensue since I'm on whiskey and I might miss a quotation mark or italic

Rule #1: Be first.

I call bullshit. Blogosphere (affectionately known as pajamaland in these parts) is friggin HUGE. Be first in your corner--that should be enough.

#2 Humor is an effective weapon.

Well, duh. They say it's more important than being smart. Hmm. Stephen, care to chime in?

#3 A clever turn of phrase, confined to a single sentence, is most admired.

Well, double-duh.

(Hey, that was clever. Does that count?)

#4 Witty Innuendo.

Does the call-sign SEX work for that?

#5 Understand the audience.

Thai 3rd shift IT guys make for a tough crowd, but I'll do my best.

#6 Provide Vital Info "Everyone appreciates a commenter who can piont out the foibles of the mainstreme media(like how they're always reducing complicated issues to short, bullet-pointed lists)."

For an example of that I might suggest this WIRED issue. Oh, and they think links are a good thing. Hmm...?

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