all star game

I went to the MLS All Star game (beat the Celtics 2-0)and after-party Thursday night. Soooo much fun. We had excellent seats, fifth row centerline, and every time a player went in he traded out his warm-ups for his jersey so I got to enjoy all those hot soccer chests. The American team was so hairy and multi-colored, and the Celtics are mostly clean-cut and white. It was kinda cool, actually. For hardly ever playing together (well, except for all those Galaxy players), the US played well. They were in-tune and nicely anticipatory, which did lead to a couple of goals and many shots on goal. Yes, I did see Beckham fairly up close and I talked to people who met him. Seems like a decent guy. However, like most people who get ploughed over by the media's soup de jour, I'm tired of him already. The husband wanted to start a rumor that Beckham was barfing in the men's bathroom. For the record, he wasn't at the party.

I'm so dumb at poker the dealer helped me. We played roulette and poker at the party. I didn't have the least idea of what I was doing, and people gathered around to watch me make a total fool of myself. Well, I don't know if they were watching me, per say. Ok, I think they were, cuz those soccer types are such flirts. Gotta love 'em. I didn't notice any Irish accents, though I suppose they were there. I think I heard about five different languages. Makes me really long to get to London or somewhere and get the hell outa Whiteyville.

Open bar, too. We didn't get home 'till three. Needless to say, several of us were draggin' ass the next day.

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