heading off emotional disaster

As threatened, I'm redecorating around here. It'll take me a while to get the pictures back up, but it's high time I painted the walls.

I started a preventative short story this weekend about a guy who goes back to his reunion. His home region is in a different world which has been devastated by war--but the weather sucks and the wind never stops blowing, so that much is rooted in reality. Things don’t go quite as expected. He ends up solving a murder, and he (mostly) overcomes his issues with old dynamics.

Problem is, the reunion back in Kansas was fun. Damn fun, actually. So now, of course, the story feels dead in the water. I'll keep plugging along with it, though.

In other writing news, goddamn are those people at Sci Fi and Fantasy quick with their rejection letters. Way to catch up on the slush! You're one up on me. Speaking of, Electric Spec's submision deadline is Aug. 15, so get 'em in, people!

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