what do i have to do to get inside of you?

Quote from XGames viewing, BMX vert:

Girlchild: Wow. Can you do that?
Me: No-o.

We ARE going to Winter XGames in Aspen. Even if I have to sleep in a truck, my snowboard and I are goin'.

10 minutes later:

Pastrana just did his double back flip in motocross.

Me: Boychild, once you start tricks on the sled and snowboard, you'll do stuff like that, and I'll be at every XGames yelling your name. No pressure, though.

Girlchild: You can't do that either, Mommy.

Me: No. Can't do that. But maybe you can someday.

One issue with the XGames: major boy-heavy coverage. Once these sports start mixed gender competing as a standard, future generations will take the world to a new, better place.

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