tag, you're it!

SS@S rules for Question Tag:
All questions carry an implied why/why not. This is an essay test, people!

If you want to use my standards (all together now: "60% minimum Truth!") go ahead, we won't hold it against you. But do it well enough that you have to disclose us that some of the answers are "embellished." We want to speculate behind your back.

When you post the answers, offer to ask as well so the game can continue.

Our contestants are: Greg, Neurotic Monkey, Krypto, Inland, and Jack.

1. Is finding a significant other important to you? How would it change you?
2. Reincarnation? What would/did make you believe? Do you think you have past lives?
3. What will your life be like when you're fifty? Ideally? Likely reality?
4. If you had to pick a past period of time (fifty years ago or more) to back and live, when would it be?
5. Some life/spiritual theories hold a "matrix-like" reality as truth - we are not really here but it's the best our puny brains can come up with. Does this ring true for you?

Neurotic Monkey (whom I've nicknamed Manic):
1. Want to write a book? If so, fiction or non? Story-based or theme-based?
2. How much money would it take for you to not work, and how would you fill your time?
3. Or, could you not work? What would you do instead?
4. What is your most compulsive habit?
5. What is your most facinating pastime and how much do you partake?

1. Hands down best sexual experience. (Details, man. We want details.)
2. What sort of betrayal warrants divorce? What's the worst thing you would forgive a significant other?
3. Do you keep up with current events? Favorite source?
4. What is your most unconventional quality?
5. Name three goals for your life (and how you'll achieve them) that have nothing to do with career or money or other people.

1. Are you religious, spiritual, or not so much?
2. Are there ghosts? What did/would it take for you to really believe?
3. What makes a perfect day?
4. Sex or Love? And what would you give up to get it?
5. What is your ideal work? Are you doing it/pursuing it?

(This one's tougher since I know her. Ok, here goes)
1. Which blogger do you most think you could be friends with?
2. What do you like most about other writers? What do you like least?
3. What's the most difficult part of not having kids?
4. Ever communicated telepathically/dream-state with someone?
5. Define success.

Have a good time, and throw a comment on this when you answer so people can go hit your link. I got too lazy for gdfhtml.


The Neurotic Monkey said...

Asked and Answered. Enjoy.

Greg said...

You called me Gregory. I only let girls call me Gregory and even then, I only let them call me that if I'm very fond of them. So you can go ahead and call me Gregory, but don't think I won't notice.

Asked and Answered. Enjoy.

Greg said...

And if I'm really fond of them, they can call me Greggy. Sometimes they even fucking say Greggy Weggy. You don't seem like the type to say that, but I give you permission...

Symbolic really.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I've called you Greggy before. I think I've called you Gregory before, but only when you're in trouble. I might even call you Gregory Michael, because it has such a nice ring to it. Yeah, maybe I'll just go with that.

Permission? Hah! Don't tempt me. The last thing I need is another Thomason, who refuses to answer to Tommy. He really only does get called Tommy when he's in trouble!

I'm a nicknamer. It's compulsive.

Greg said...

Oh don't worry I'm a big nicknamer too. It's never premeditated I just blurt it out. "aiiight Sand Monkey McChunky, peece out". Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't.

Krypto said...

Couple of 'em answered.

Inland, Dreaming said...

Questions are answered. And it's all true.