hangover warning advisory system: code blue and dropping

PHF is the Best Husband in the World (sorry everyone else, thanks for playing). He let me sleep in until 9:30, spent much time taking down Christmas decor (the house feels nekked), and he's folded laundry today. So much for THAT resolution. With any luck, tonight he'll be the Best Husband in the Universe.

Much happier today. I'm on beer number one, (The very thought of it doesn't make me want to hurl which is a major improvement over yesterday.) whiskey is in my near future (hey, it's the weekend, I won't be breaking that one until tomorrow.) and I got in a decent workout. Over 200 abs. Funny enough, I didn't hate them as much as usual. Huh. Maybe I'm maturing a little bit. It would be about time.

Nah. I'm sure I'll go back to hating them tomorrow. My stomach still isn't flat and teenageresque, either. Goddamn pregnancies. Should have adopted.

Saw BSG (I know I changed his name once, but Big Scary Guy seems to stick) at the gym, and it's been awhile. He must have been out on a "mission", though I haven't heard of any dead despots in the news lately. But then, if he did things right, it wouldn't hit the news, of course. He's bigger than ever, and his smile still makes him look like he's thinking, "Come here, a little closer, yeah, that's right, now you're close enough to kill real quiet-like." Either that or he's constipated. In either case, smiling for him requires some effort. Perfect V. Easy on the eyes, for an older, well-trained killer type, but I sure as hell wouldn't sass him, and you know I'll sass anybody.

Gee, I'm a little jealous of all those "Best of Blog" nominees. Not that I don't hope they win, Monkey, and Jason, and Johnnie Walker (huh, I hope they aren't up against each other - now that would be awkward). I just am wishing it was me. I hope they quit saying "It's just an honor to be nominated." What utter bullshit, so knock it off. Ya wanna win. We all know it, so why pretend? Good luck, all.

A word of advice for any would be parents out there: when the balloon place asks you if you want the 8-hour balloons or the longer-laster balloons - you want the 8 hour ones. We have 12 green balloons that WILL NOT DIE! I'm about to go after them with a switchblade. Yeah, I've got an actual switchblade, and I'm not afraid to use it. (Well, on balloons, that is.)


ps Krypto, my parenthetical use just looks all fucked up. I mean, does the comma go before or after the parentheses?? Do I capitalize in the parentheses? HELP!! (You little hurling hottie-pie, you.) Thanks for the link, btw. I don't know how long it's been there, but I just saw it.

Side note to my other readers - Krypto, quit reading here - I only have to lean forward to reach my copy of Strunk and White to check out the parenthetical (Is that even a word, for crissake?? I keep using it like it is.) usage rules, but once I saw that face... Well, needless to say I live for his comments. I must flirt with him on a daily basis. Besides, his was the first good blog I ever read.


me said...

Thanks for the comment, I put a link to you on my site.

=) Stacey

Monkey said...

"I hope they quit saying "It's just an honor to be nominated." What utter bullshit, so knock it off. Ya wanna win. We all know it, so why pretend? Good luck, all."
I only have one comment to this - It's just an honor to be nominated. No - SERIOUSLY - I don't say it was an honor to be nominated - I say it is an honor to be a FINALIST and I swear that's NOT bullshit! Really!
But thanks for your good luck wish.
I don't know why you're not in the finals myself. :-(

Greg said...

bahahah kill you real quiet-like. Shiet, I got alot of reading to do, but its good to be back.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Greg: Glad your home safe, sweets.

Monkey: Thanks for the compliment. I read what you said, and from what I know of you, you probably meant it. I have rather a biting sense of humor, if you haven't noticed, but I'm honest (60%, at least) and if I said "It was an honor to be in the finals," it would have actually meant, "I want to win, goddammit!! Me, me, me, and nobody else!!" You're a better Monkey than me.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Stacy - Thanks!!

Monkey said...

"You're a better Monkey than me."
You didn't tell me you're one of us!!!! :-)
I love your sense of humor - it's classic and wonderful.
Be good....

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Be good?? Never!!!!!!!!!!