pretzels, smetzels

I'll preface this by saying that I realized the common length of these lists is ten, but I likely won't be able to think of that many; so if I can't, deal.

Why pretzels are like people:

1. The saltier the better.
2. The more twisted, the more interesting they are.
3. They go damn good with beer.
4. Most are broken; but if it looks like a pretzel and tastes like a pretzel, it's a pretzel.
6. They taste better covered in chocolate.
7. They always look more appealing in bars.
8. The ones from Germany think they are better than everyone else.
9. They think they all look alike, but actually, they don't.

And, the tenth reason why pretzels are like people:
10. The best name for a Dachshund is Pretzel, for at least three reasons. (Ok, I know, this one isn't how pretzels are like people. See above.)

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That was funny, smart, and just good! I will never look at a pretzel the same way, nor a person, nor my old yoga instructor.