sexy santa dancers...ooh la la

What the hell are "sexy santa dancers"? I heard this on a commercial for a nightclub in Denver. I guess the advertising worked, because now I wanna go see them. I've been to this club before and they have topless dancers in the VIP room. Yeah, they were hot and everything, but pretty soon you forget they are even there.

Sexy santa dancers.

I'm guessing...a red velvet thong with white fur trim. And maybe a hat. But are Santa hats sexy? Guys?


GoodKing Alan said...

Guys are so simple- you just have to add the word sexy to make it so..
Sexy carwash?
Sexy vaccuming?
In fact you don't even need to add the Y or the verb:
Now that's sexy...

sex scenes at starbucks said...

And nekkeds. Guys really dig things that are nekked.