call your father!

I forgot to thank my blog sub for keeping the troops amused in my absence. He/she shall remain nameless but actually is a published author (the paid kind who makes a living at it). Sorry I yelled at you for using my message thingy to respond and not noticing that you said it was you. I was drunk. (see to hell and back in nine days) Lame excuse but there you are.

The other stand-in invitee had a very good excuse for not filling in, like death and stuff. Life sucks sometimes. I won't say any more, but if you got a dad still and you're on speaking terms at all, give him a call and say "hey." Let's strive for some cosmic goodness out of my friend's loss.

I'm listening to How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Good album, but Bono is getting mellow in his old age. Does anybody out there know anything about the guy besides his activism? Like, is he single or married, got kids, age, etc? I'd Google him but can you imagine trying to wade through the 500,000,000,000 hits? No way, dude. Good guy, Bono, but money don't buy looks.

Ok, I'm going to write more than one paragraph on the book before getting up. My goal for today is two pages, and I'm about two sentences into it. Buh-bye.


Anonymous said...

Yeah bono and the gang is starting to become, dare i say it, a bit washed up. Or maybe i just want too much for them to go back in time and start cranking out tunes like they used to. I can't liiiiiiiiiiiiive, without or withoooout yoooou. Bono really knows how to make straight men cry.

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