Ok, there's a quick, funny post on there. Y'all should check it out.

PHF's blog

Go there and then come back. I'll wait...

Actually, the conversation went something like this:

The Great: I want to go to Liquorland.
Me: Huh? (TG takes a bite of his licorice. I do too, and finally catch on.) Oh, you mean Licorice Land? How cute.
PHF: We drink too much in front of the children.
Me: It's a great name for a liquor store.
PHF: Yeah, right.
Me: No, it's a good idea. Liquorland. You should put it on your blog.
PHF: Liquor stores have been done to death. What makes this one unique?
Me: Well, it's Liquorland. There are rides and shit...

Prizes could be stuff like beer and coozies and free cab rides home and barf buckets. I'd go.


GoodKing Alan said...

Once again "The Simpsons" have beat someone to a great idea..

Hiro said...

i shat my pants laughing

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I always enjoy usage of the past tense of shit. I don't know why it's so funny.

Damn clever Simpsons people. I was probably channeling a past episode, since I've seen all of them about ten times. Personal favorite: the halloween where Mr Burns gets his "treatment" and he lights up like a ghost. "I come in peeeeace." And Scully and Mulder in swimsuits on their FBI IDs. Nothing compares to the Simpsons.

Greg said...

hi sorry anonymous was me on the last 2 posts, okay just wanted to drop in for the clarification. I bid you good day.

se7en said...

Hi, love your blog, comment about a previous comment you made to person leaving you a comment,hehe How about a guest book ala a girl called inky at and maybe then turn off comments? btw thank Zelda for the linkage here.

Anonymous said...

That may a bit beyond my expertise. Blame the GDHTML, not me. It sucks, and whoever invented it should be shot. Note the nicely working link though, cleverly inserted into the text in the next post though
BTW, could that be a 7&7 you're holding in your hand there in your pic? Hence the name, perhaps? Love the hair, though you know I go all weak-kneed for long hair.

I knew it was you, darlin'. You left muddy tracks on the newly cleaned floor.

Was the Simpsons funny or was it PHF? You don't clarify.

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