denver comic con schedule and contest!!

It's almost here!! Denver Comic Con!!  I recommend using Guidebook as a phone app but here it is on the site.

~!!! First, A Contest !!!~ 

I'm getting author copies for EXILE in trade paperback next week and you can be among the first to have on in your hot little hands. Or big hands. Whatever.

Here's the deal, the first person each day who comes up to me and mentions this contest at Comic Con will win! Yes, that's THREE winners who will get a signed copy of the book. Remind me to take our selfie together!! And don't play shy if it's late in the day. You might still win!!

Hunt me down in the dealers room (I like to hang out and watch the music sometimes.) Find me in the Hyatt lobby where all the cool kids get drinks. Come to a panel. Take a chance on a MLP panel, I might be there with my daughter. Co-stalk Lou Ferrigno with me. Oh, and the Arrow guy!! squeee!! At any rate, I'm at DCC all day Friday, afternoon of Saturday, and all day Sunday.

My picture is all over the place but I anticipate having crimped, quite blonde hair. I'm leaning toward lots of bling this weekend for my attire.

Fine Print:
I only bite people I really, really like.
I won't have copies on me so you'll have to trust me with your address.
I won't stalk you.
No promises.
Who knows? Maybe I'll include a little con swag...
If I ask you to walk with me, then please do; I often have to be somewhere in a hurry.

Some Places You Will Most Definitely Find Me

I have one panel Friday, one on Saturday, and FOUR on Sunday so busy busy, though I get to hang out and just a con-goer with the family on Saturday afternoon (after 2:30), which I'm super excited about since I'm usually running like mad every day of a con.


12:15 room 107  Authors vs Fans: The Throwdown


1:30 room 102 Objectification of Women in Media

3-4 SIGNING Booth 130 across from Celebrity Summit. Hopefully the Arrow guy will be signing at that time!!! squeee!!


11  room 108 What's the Difference Between Sword & Sorcery and Epic Fantasy?

1:30 room 107 The Importance of Strong Female Characters in SFF

2:45 room 107  Creating the Setting for SFF Novels

4  room 108 Women in Fiction

And a special shout-out for this panel cuz my wonderful agent Sara Megibow is on it! And you'll also find me there if you're looking to win a book.

Friday 11 am room 107 A Guide to Traditional Publication for Novelists

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