badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

This mess is part of my badge collection from the past several years. It's dumped out because I was looking for lanyards. Most writers I know save their badges from cons. I need a nice way to store them, which I think is going to be a hook in my office or the closet. Sometimes they have original art on them, like this year's Denver Comic Con. Usually I have such a great time at a con that it's like bringing home a little memory with me.

I haven't counted the badges, but in eight years I've attended over fifty cons to my best estimate. I've always been on the speaking side of them, so they're working events for me. But it's still fun, part of my job I love.

But I always love to get back into the quiet and write, too.

Speaking of writing here is a working version of flap copy for ENEMY, third book of the Seven Eyes series. I'm having fun with it. I hope eventually readers get to have fun with it too!!

The last time Draken traveled Akrasia, he was the highest lord in the land. His journey before that was eased by royal favor and the grace of the gods. This time is different. Forced from his throne and his family destroyed, he must run while his adopted country buckles under twin attacks from religious fanatics and a coup by an upstart lord. Bitter from fighting an insurmountable war and losing the life he’s built, he lets the ghosts of past mistakes drive him into a life of vigilante revenge. But Draken is about to learn gods and wars have a way of catching up to a man. 

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