How come we like to say what we think? Does it, in the end, really matter if others know what we think? Are we trying to change minds? Are we trying to think stuff out?

For me, writing is first about thinking things through. It's just my process. See, my brain is little. I have to write stuff down or I forget them.

And then I think it's about validation. I'm like most writers. Like most people, maybe. Deep down I'm a cowering hopeless whining fool with delusions of grandeur, desperate for someone please, pretty please with a splash of whiskey on top to just like me. Even a little.

Maybe that's why people have to put stuff out there on Facebook all the time. (And by people, I mean me.) Look at me, look at me! See?? I'm cool, I'm good. Pleeease admire and like me.

Except when it comes to social issues (for me). There, my intent is often to ridicule the people who make poor exclusive decisions socially in an effort to make them feel like shit and repent.

Cuz it's all about being inclusive. Feel the love, baby. Everyone counts. Everyone wins.

I think if EXILE has a theme (knowing me, it probably doesn't, not really--at least not one that I thought up on purpose and shit) it's Inclusivity.

There. Your big word for the day. Don't say I never gave ya nuthin.

Oh, and Fuck Chikin. Go to your local farmers market instead.


fpdorchak said...

Maybe we just want to be heard. Feel like we matter in the High Craziness of it all.

Maybe...we all just like to interact with each other. Communication is a powerful need.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

YES! Communication. That is so much more noble sounding!!