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Yes, I was gone again! I have been hanging out a lot on Facebook (can you say Chick Fil A controversy?) and also just writing a little (not anything like enough).

I did get my WorldCon schedule: it's in Chicago, woot! My old hometown PLUS I get to see a bunch of friendlies, including some agency litter mates. So excited. 

They're keeping me hopping though:

The Short Story as Testing Ground
Discussing the role short stories has and will play in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, from proving ground to promotions to the merit of writing and reading short stories. We\'ll explore where the genre is headed, whether its early popularity is enduring (is anyone reading them anymore?), and the influence of contests and electronic publishing on the genre.

Creating Plots
Most writers have no problem getting halfway through a story. But a lot of writers struggle to reach the end. Many lose their way in the \'mushy middle\' or turn onto another path to find themselves at a climax that belongs in another story. How can writers use structure to avoid fizzling out or losing their way?

So You Wanna Be A Writer
Join experienced pros and up and coming professionals to talk about the business of writing and publishing. How'd they get their start? What advice do they have for newcomers? What's a realistic view of your career arc? How best to start--novels or short stories? These questions and many more.

There will be blood - But how much is too much?
Violence permeates most every genre of writing. What are the keys to creating deep and meaningful violence-themed Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. And who are the writers who do it right?

Anyway, other than that I'm just keeping the old head above water with writing and these last couple of weeks of summer with the kidlets.

How're you??

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