Dude! Where have I been??

I've been at the vacay. You know that joint? Beers at noon, vodka at 6, shots at 9, whiskey at midnight?

So I haven't written a word, nor cracked a file, nor nuthin'. Poor neglected slushpile. I tried. For two whole stories I tried. Friday night is now going to be Slushpile Night, as it's Snowboarding Eve, and that works for my schedule. We'll see how that works. Compartmentalizing my life never works, damn it. But I try. Oh, how I try.

And I've been dealing with some er, publishing issues, with Archive of Fire. They released the book, except it's the wrong link AND the wrong version of the cover. The publisher is on it. No date on the trade paperback as of yet, I'll keep you posted. To see the wrong cover, go HERE. That link won't last long.  

Maybe I should have a contest to let people pick out the differences? Whoever gets the most wins a copy of the book?? Hells, ya! Let's do it! Contest ends when the book gets corrected. The correct cover is over on the sidebar. GO! (leave a list in the comments, not on FB or Twitter or anywhere else) and win a free copy!

I'm working on a few items, like a character list and a song list. I'll post here when I get 'em wrapped up and then I'll have links from the website, whenever that gets going. I'm so not motivated to work on the website. But here I go. I'm going to work on the site now...

Other than that I got every little thing my heart desired for Christmas, smiles from my children, laughter from my husband, and most heart warming, a new set of AllClad pots and pans.

Plus, I'm all ADD today. So. Ya. Here I go to the next thing.





Sarah Laurenson said...

Vacay sounds great. Been sitting on the couch ODing on bad TV myself.

Old Cover:
White eyebrow
Lighter skin color
Lighter hair color
Hair next to A is longer
Mouth closed

New Cover:
Looks like eyeliner under the eye
Hint of the second eye so hair is thinner there
Can see his neck

Christine Hardy said...

White eyebrow
Words over mouth
I don't notice the bright green eye color

Anonymous said...

The "bad" (as in naughty and incorrect) cover gives your otherwise hot leading man white eyebrows making him look extra frosty.
The shading is also lighter around the eyes in the naughty version, making him look a little washed out (washed up perhaps?)
His four o'cock stubble is much more pronounced in the correct version, making him look more human and manly and HAWT as well. His eyes are also a more realistic shade of green in the new version.
I also like the blackened hair tips in the new/correct version over the pure white in the naughty copy.
The bad old version also covers his otherwise kissable mouth with the slightly oversized title, never a good idea. I far prefer the open mouthed, unfettered tease of the correct cover.

Hope you sell out. (Can you even do that with e-books... Hmmm, that could be an interesting experiment, a limited edition e-book...)
- Bree

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Yeah, I was thinking that, except they have to upload a whole new book because the link sent the WRONG book. Someone else's book. They're working on it...

Shannon Lawrence said...

The good one has less yellow in his hair (or so it seems) and dark tips on the hair.

The color is better on the new one, more flushed skin, darker lips.

Dark eyebrows on the good one, vs. white.

Mouth is covered in the bad one.

Eye is more defined with something like eyeliner.

It seems like I can see a hint of his eye under his hair on the good one.

The stubble is darker on the good one.

BTW, Jeanne Stein is fantastic! Such a nice woman, and I enjoy her writing.