scaling writing walls

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Also, a blog post of mine over at Patricia Stoltey's blog about how the whole Sentinel series was born.
I think I worked out why I write. When I open up--really open up (I could give a shit whether people know I write sex stories or support homosexuality or drink too much), I get burned by all but a very few people. Writing creates a nice wall between me and the world. I get to spew my crap (pretty sure everyone thinks it's crap but me) without (mostly) paying attention to the reaction. Plus, it's all veiled in fiction.

Right now I'm writing a character who is in love with two men. She's in a world of hurt over this. I'm pretty sure who she'll end up with but I've realized I have to really push her away from that guy. I have to make myself believe. She needs to leave the one she loves.

Okay, there's much more to it than a love triangle, and I do know the basis behind the rest of it--something I've wanted to explore for awhile now.  Thing is, I have no idea what to have "the other guy" do while she's off cavorting. He needs to find out...everyone needs to find out, I think. But how?

Sometime the wall is between myself and myself.

Anyway, that's my writing wall today. What's yours?


Anonymous said...

Your explanation has a lyrical, but peaceful, almost Zen-like quality to it. I felt myself relaxing as I read it. The statement about "the wall" is so appropos for me. Thanks, Bets.

Wendy said...

So far I've not heard any crap from you. :) Keep on keepin' on, I say!

siebendach said...

It's in our nature to resist the inevitable, right?