There's a lot of talk on whether blogs are still relevant. Hmm.

They are if you like them.

But I do a lot less of it than I used to.

 Sex Scenes shoved me past the million word mark. It made me a happy, healthy internet junkie (as opposed to the kind who needs a shower and some fruits and vegetables once in awhile)--especially once I put my picture on there.

Can't give it up yet. It's kind of like the warm up to my writerly day, though I do have some other secret methods...

Whatchu think? To blog or not to blog?


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Marne Ann said...

I love blogging. In fact, I still tend to get lost in it when I'm surfing through my blog-buddies sites. So, yes. Blog.

Travis Erwin said...

I've been debating this myself. I have pushed myself to blog more often this month to see if I can get back int eh groove I once had. It has been a struggle.

Christine Hardy said...

I blog mostly for myself, so I don't worry how often I post. I just post when I feel like it. But the more I post, the more ideas I get for posts, too.

Basically I can't write without an audience, so it's my substitute for journaling.