sex plot

I write some sex, pretty often. Actually I've written likely hundreds of sex scenes in the past six months and dang, it's fun. Just when I think same ole same ole, here comes another glitch that leaps the story forward. Heh.

Over at Konrath's he talks about getting slammed for having sex in his books. Someone accused him of writing erotica. Funny that no one ever accuses him of writing violence.

He doesn't write erotica. In erotica, the story hinges on and revolves around the sex and the romance. I probably came closest to this in QUENCHER. The other two I think the sex was integral, but less essential. Get the distinction? But I'm returning to purity of the sex plot in BATTLE ROYAL, the sequel to LOST PRINCE. No more on that, you'll just have to wait and see.

I also am working on an idea for a new series. Not sure if it'll be erotica or not. Cuz I need a new series to work on. Sigh.

What're y'all working on?


Donna Hole said...

" . .the sex was integral, but less essential."

Yeah, I totally get it. I think its fun writing sex too; but not necessarily erotica.

My focus - when I have the time to write - is on a Cyborg fairy tale. A Sleeping Beauty tale, with no opportunity for sex. Ah well. But I'm also working on a novella about a prostitute who has a devious plan for killing her pimp. Sex all the way through :)

Curse you Betsy, now I want to go work on it and I'm in the middle of several other projects.

Oh no; am I ever behind! You sold Sentinel? Awesome. A book a definitely want to read. Congratulations :)


sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Thanks, Donna! Your projects sound intriguing! Cyborg fairy tale. How cool.

I sold the first book of Sentinel last January and it comes out January 2012. It's running on publishing time, haha.