u2 lessons

  • You Are First and Foremost An Artist
It's abundantly clear U2 spends a great deal of time on creative pursuits. Their music is stellar. So should my writing be. Enough said.

  • Have A Message To Your Madness

Bono is clearly dedicated to human rights and world peace. He tirelessly promotes his ONE campaign and there was a message from a recently freed Burmese president. I'm for human rights as far as it goes (I'm human, I believe in equal rights and safety and food for all). But it's not my GIG. It's not what I go to sleep at night fussing over and wake in the morning planning my next action. I think that's cool; there's lots of other problems in the world, too. U2 is a BIG band, the biggest. They need a BIG issue.

My issues? Number one is probably sexual freedom and equality of rights for women and men, regardless of  same or opposite sex attraction. I have a soft spot for creatives, too; creativity gets short shrift in the US today and it's a damned shame since I believe it's what keeps the world going 'round (along with love, yeah).  I'm intrigued and baffled by male relations and fatherhood, so it's something I think and write on a lot. And I really am drawn to helping new writers. I could work at a homeless shelter, or volunteer more in school, whatever. But those things are what gets my heart thumping, and I think that's important. Figure out what you love and chase it down. So I try to integrate that into my career and writing. I explore those topics.

  • Strut Who  You Are

I have an image to maintain and control. Once I put my art out there, it's all about showmanship and entertainment. Bono struts out on stage and it's just him, and there's no mistaking it, mostly because you get a sense that he is very much himself. I present myself a certain way, a way that is very much true to me. But while I'm not conservative or professional-looking in a conventional sense, I do try hard to behave very nicely.

  • Have A Hell Of A Lot Of Fun
Sometimes I forget this part. But writing is FUN, damn it. So off I go, now, to write...

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Marne said...

Just now read this. Had to say I loved it. So, okay U2 can still be cool lol.
But seriously, great post!