I've been emailed and asked about how the concert was Saturday night, so here's my short review: 

The Fray
Bono's voice was wonderful, the music was stellar, and the stage, OMG the stage. I was in nosebleeds and literally never thought about it; it was truly designed for a stadium.

the "cone" is an expanding screen, as seen in the pic above

Best concert I've ever seen? Keep in mind I've seen hundreds of shows from the Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, Green Day (far too many to name here) and I've even the Fray during a private, local set. So, no, not the best show I've ever seen.  But it was stellar and yes, I'd see them again. I would try hard for better seats though.

In the next post I'll talk about what I learned from Bono and the boys as applies to my writing. I learn something from every show I see, and this one was no exception.

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