deadly by the dozen

Been kinda quiet on this one. Truth told, the opportunity came upon me suddenlly, and real quick-like it's gone from idea to REALITY. 

I've got a story in this, my first anthology sale, alongside some of my favorite writers and online friends:

A Hard Line Drive To Wrong 
Jude Hardin

I Died, I Did 
Natasha Fondren

Identity Theft 
Robert Weibezahl

Living On The Blood of Others 
Betsy Dornbusch

Indian Summer 
by Lise McClendon

Mark Terry

Into Stone 
Keith Snyder

Marigold Mourning 
by Merry Monteleone

Little Siberia 
Erica Orloff

A Break In The Old Routine 
Simon Wood

Whereby Ignorant People Are Frequently Deluded and Defrauded 
Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Plundered Booty 
Travis Erwin

It'll be available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords by March 1 and in paperback thereafter. Details forthcoming. I'm honored to have my work appear in such esteemed company. As soon as I have linky-loos I'll add some tech hoodoo.