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Creative process intrigues me, really more than the end result, often. I guess because I spend so much of my time in creative pursuits, I want to know how others go about it.

And it really doesn't matter, fame or success or even if I like their art. I just like to know process. It reminds me I belong to this grand club.
It's a club where people noodle guitars, walk their dogs, and lay on the sofa. And it's all work! Waiting for inspiration. It is a club. My son said yesterday that some kids think he's immature. I told him that non-creatives (muggles?) always think that about creatives. People think I am immature. And hell, they're right. They think I'm playing when I'm writing. Of course it doesn't much look like work when I'm staring out the window. I digress.

Anyway, one of my creative pursuits is decor. I lurve me some interior decorating. And so this blog is right up my alley. I love to see people's spaces. It gives insight like no other.

This is where I write. It's kinda clean* right now because I just handed my laptop back in and I had to move files to the PC, so while I was organizing, I went there with the desk too. The boxes hold colored pencils and drawing pencils; sometimes I have a sketch pad or moleskin open on my desk. My pen holder is from college. My lamp was my Grannie's. I have a couple of necklaces people have given me and prayer beads and the pentacle.The desk is an antique library table. The coaster is ELEMENTS OF STYLE. I keep my cards near cuz sometimes I throw a few to get the juices going. Omnipresent are the teacup, filofax, and mobile phone. My books live behind me, and sometimes I turn in my chair and stare at them for awhile. They make me feel good.

So take a gander and consider your own space. What's special about it? What about it aids or deconstructs your creative process?

*and by clean I mean picked up. NOT dusted.


Josh said...

I just actually did a big redo of our home office, which had become more of an unofficial storage space. We got a new desk/bookshelf unit, sold our old bookshelves and spent two days sorting out all the crap that had piled up in the corners. After all that was done, I now actually write and freelance in the actual office, versus the dining table. Great improvement, and it really helps feel like I have a center of business, so to say.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

I like having my own creative space, definitely. This is not to say I can't work anywhere. I can. But I fuck around best in my own office.