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I've been reading and writing tons this week, which is why I've gotten little else done but laundry. For instance, I read a whole book on Friday, and this is not some pansy-ass book, but an Epic Fantasy by my friend Mackay Wood called WOLF'S CUB. It's an older book, released when my son was a babe, and it's now on Kindle. Promise it'll suck you in! There are formatting issues and some errors, likely by no fault of the author, knowing her.  I liked it Very Much and have just started the sequel, GRYPHON KING, (which is proving t be cleaner and just as fun a read.) So go. Buy. Enjoy.

Interestingly, it's got head-hopping, but I'm curiously not annoyed by it. Knowing Mackay, as I do, she's used such a device very thoughtfully and it shows. I also have just read this interview by another acquaintance, David Dvorkin, in which he mentions head-hopping as a useful device. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I'd be interesting in knowing yours.

It's been a catch up sort of week, with lots of laundry, always with the laundry, getting back on track on the writing (I'm set to do a NANO amount of words this month even though I'm not officially playing.)  Currently I have 3 projects going, one of which is featured in the last post, and I think I have the undiluted time for such ambition.

Thx to folks who made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside by requesting a bookmark. If anyone else wants one, email me. I also am anticipating some reviews and interviews coming down the pike. See here for details. Alas, no blog tour for me this release. I just found it to be a hell of a lot of work with little direct sales results.

It's FALL. Change your clocks, rake the leaves, and put the garden to sleep. Also, it's time to organize your coat closet.  I'm having Spring Cleaning six months late. So what else is new?

This is the first Saturday in two months of them that I'm FREEFREEFREE to do whatevah I want. I'm torn with wanting to go see my friends Under a Blood Red Sky play, because they're nearby and I haven't seen them for awhile. But jammies and Gary Corby's THE PERICLES COMMISSION are calling my name for this evening, as well. Hmm...

Winter Park opens in ten days. I'm toying with going up if I've nothing to do, just to get a few early runs in. Might be fun, though complicated by the fact that my gear is at the lake.I do have new board pants though, wicked cool, crazy black and white. I'll post a pick when I get one on the slopes.

here's hannah
enjoying the sun
since you haven't seen her in awhile
she loves her bright fall days


Natasha Fondren said...

It's called "toggling narrative distance," not head-hopping! LOL. Really, Therese Fowler did a great blog article on it from her MFA days, which I really liked. But she's closed her blog, so I can't link it. I'll go complain to her. :-(

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

toggling narrative distance. LOVE THAT!!!