Just got the galleys for QUENCHED. For those of you who don't know, galleys are uncorrected typeset proofs of your book or story. This is an edited and copy-edited version. But, people being what they are, it's not perfect. I have to go back through it again in the next two days, amid about a million other things I have on my list before I take off for a local conference. My editor expects my list of corrections back within a week.

The book has no cover as of yet, but when I see type-set galleys, it gets real. QUENCHED is a book. I'm able to send them out to reviewers (though I may wait for the version with the cover) and start promotions. I still have 7 weeks before release but it's time to really start planning promotions.  Fortunately, my writing partner is a promotions guru, so I mostly take instructions.  :)

Some of these things a publisher will do for you; I'm with a small publisher but they do have a publicist that handles getting reviews. Still, if I find someone good to review it, or it happens organically, I can let her know. These are things on my list to consider:

  • interviews
  • reviews to include in the copy of the book, including from previous books
  • blog tour
  • post cover shots on social networks
  • call in favors *  
  • create a smooth mention of the book for my class and for my sessions at cons.
  • create an even smoother mention for the agents and editors
  • advertisements
  • release party **

*(the best promoters belong to a network of writers, casual or not. We all cross-promote.)  Here's a great example.  I know both Jeanne and Margie--in fact, Electric Spec interviewed Jeanne for our latest issue. When it comes time to sell my book, Jeanne might post a note on her blog or throw up an Amazon review for me. Here is another example of the best in blogging promotions. Be sure to check out Stephen's sidebar, too!

** friends are insisting I have a release party this year. So in November...sometime. Every weekend between now and Thanksgiving is tied up so I'm not sure when it'll be... Maybe I'll do an all girl Thursday night gig. Not sure yet.

QUENCHED is the final book in a three-book series about a vampire dating service. When one of the vampires working at Quench starts draining his clients dry and leaving the bodies in plain view of the human community, the police are baffled. But soon enough, Detective Ethan Harper and his girlfriend, investigative reporter Savannah Oxford figure out who the murderer is. One problem, though: the only thing that can stop a vampire is another vampire.

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