I'm off to Colorado Gold Conference tomorrow, heading in early as I'm doing some volunteering and attending the opening party.  I'm looking forward to catching up with my friends, with whom I discuss almost everything but writing, meeting more agents and editors, attending workshops and giving ours.

I'm doing some with the staff of Electric Spec:
  • Short story Intensive (a hands-on critique workshop)
  • Short Story and a Beer (a reading and discussion of this story, beers in hand.
  • Focus on Short Fiction - lecture style in which we impart Knowledge (snort) from years of editing. This one's at 9 am on Sunday. I expect it to be Very Well Attended.
Anyway, I'll keep in touch via FB and Twitzer.

Also, it's RAINING! Yea!! That's a Good Thing cuz of THIS.  We have an old friend up there fighting it, so good thoughts and prayers going his way!

Also, we have a cool new issue of Electric Spec up. Well? What are you waiting for? Git over there and read, dang it!

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