Best way to describe me this summer. A million different directions, few of them my own. I reckoned with writing I needed a singular focus. I needed a goal I could accomplish and feel as if I've done something. That goal is to break ARDACIA out into the world. I'm going to do a round of 10 agents, I decided, and at the same time I'm going to prepare packets for a couple of small publishers.  If a good agent won't pick it up, then I figure it's not for NY and I'll go smaller. That's okay. It's epic fantasy and that can be a tough sell.  My goal is to have all that stuff out by the end of the month. It's a tight goal, fo sho.

THEN, when kidlets are back at school and I can once again concentrate, I'm going to finish SILVER SCAR. The nice thing about the book is that I've been doing rolling revisions all along. Much of it is in pretty good shape. Oh, I have to go through character sections and muck with stuff like dialect and internals, but generally, it's in good shape. So this fall I want to start hitting agents with it. I'll pitch it informally at conference, too, more to get a feel for how it'll be received.  Need to fix that one line pitch, eh?  Something like: In a future thriller, a Witch and a Christian soldier join forces to try to stop a holy crusade.

Yeah, I know people hear witch and they'll think all sorts of things, even that Castile is a girl. Oh well.

Anyway, you read all my plans here so it must all be true and gonna happen, right?


N. R. Williams said...

This sounds brave and interesting. I look forward to reading it and I applaud your bravery. Don't rule out e-books.


siebendach said...

Did you suddenly get a lot of fans from China?

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Hey Nancy, I'm looking for print on this one since my last two sales were eBooks.

Sie, snort.