I'm working on edits for my book ARDACIA. Right now the cover copy will look something like this:
(off the top of my head).

Accused for a murder he didn't commit, Draken vae Kellian, an officer and bastard cousin to his king, is banished to the ass-end of the world: Ardacia. After being victimized by a creature he'd thought only came from cradle-tales and testifying about it on behalf of the mage who saved his life, politics drag him into a looming civil war.

Ok, that shit is just off the top of my head. Here's the real one, based on the one sent to agents back when it was a portal story, which, btw, is nearly impossible to sell in this market despite the success of HARRY POTTER:

Being falsely accused for his wife's murder does nothing to assuage Draken’s guilt over her death. Stripped of his rank as an officer in his cousin-king's army and banished to Ardacia, a world of necromancy and looming civil war, his only goal is seeking revenge against her killer. But after he foils an attempt on the Ardacian Queen’s life, she asks him to find the assassin and resolve the issue discreetly. She also demands absolute loyalty. He can live with that. After all, finding his wife's killer is unlikely at best and here is a beautiful woman who desires the protection he could not give his wife.

While searching Ardacia for the assassin and unraveling the plot behind the attempt, he learns his wife’s killer is still alive and the attempt on the queen is just a skirmish in a larger war. It’s too late for diplomacy and honor. Draken's only chance at peace - and revenge - is to confront every horror from his past and betray the queen he swore to protect.

I got a lot of requests for reads, but no takers, from that query. I'm thinking of querying a couple of agents again since it's been so long.  The book is pretty different, especially the start, and I think the writing is far better.  Anyway, that's what I'm about lately, besides herding cats kids.  You?


N. R. Williams said...

I completely relate to having people say, "I love it, but it's not for us." This sounds like a great read.

Good luck

siebendach said...

I thought the sample you posted recently was as every bit as good as the last several published novels I enjoyed. It didn't grab me quite as much as the opening by James Garfield in the Paladin --- but that's a 20th-century spy story, and I think it's expected that the target reader wants more subtlety in that kind of story.

So what's a "portal story" anyway?

siebendach said...

Argh, that shoulda been Brian Garfield

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Thanks, Sie. I like this book and character.

Thanks, Nancy.

sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Hey, Sie, a portal story is where, generally, a character moves from this world to another through a magical "portal."