warning: sg:u spoilers

Watched Stargate Universe last night. I'm behind a week, so this one is about last week's. In general, I enjoy the show. It's peopled by characters who fit their situation--the military who adapt quickly from skills born of need and the geeks born of a lifetime of early adoption practices when it comes to all things...geeky (never underestimate the practice geeks get from negotiating regular life. To us it might as well be an Ancients' ship), and the other bags of flesh who are there more for stakes than any useful purpose.

The takeover of the ship by civilians over the military personell was an interesting quandary, and think it was well done to the point of philosophy -- yes, armies answer to civilian commanders in the US.  And the soldiers' solution was viable and likely exactly what they'd try. 

But the blind following of civilians of another civilian, I found less credible.  These people are Lost in Space. They focus on the higher-ups in the show, but there are several other people on board, thinking, frightened people who have no experience with events of danger. Who are they going to lean on? The guy with the gun who knows how to use it or some mouthy chick in a tank top?  And meanwhile aliens are attacking the ship and no one says: Maybe this isn't such a good idea right now?

There also was a scene that was all too convenient, which was a soldier laying down his gun. He's the only one with a weapon and I didn't find it credible that he'd give it up. The husband and I expected him to holster it.  Now, I do believe he'd been given a command by a superior officer, though it wasn't his superior officer. ( Or maybe it was. That bit wasn't laid out as well, which I find an issue with the writing--the show wastes no time on explaining the lay of the land, and I think it sometimes hinders my understanding of the action. ) But his laying down the gun killed the tension in the scene, leaving me wondering why they even included it. 

Not only that,but there's a loose cannon soldier on the crew and I thought this was missed opportunity to let his dark side shine. They didn't even use that character though.

Then, the final shot from Camile to Colonel Young, that he shouldn't have left Rush there on the planet to die, and Young replies: You think I don't know that?

I much preferred Young remorseless and grey.

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