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I have about enough energy to jot a few incidentals here. I've been awake since 2:30 in the AM and having done it the other way 'round a time or ten, I'd rather STAY up until 2:30 than wake up at 2:30 any day...night. Whatever. Reason for the early call? Had to drive back from Topeka where I was helping out a family member over the weekend.

Run, don't walk to buy Cage the Elephant's album. Seriously great stuff. Everyone I know is getting that for their birfdays this year.

Came home to a few surprises. Apparently fortune telling is in the blood as my daughter is making those little fortune telling dohickeys that 2nd graders make. And by making them I mean she's made a stack 8inches tall.  No doubt they'll be for sale out on the driveway soon. I'll let you know when they're released to the public.

Shoot.  I'll have to teach her to throw cards next.

She also loves fractions!  (She takes after her father like that.)

The other kidlet is sicko. Bummersky.

I kissed my snowboard goodbye for the season today.  Sniff sniff.

I got a prezzie from my stalker. THE LIBERTINE, with Johnny Depp. I'm going to watch it this weekend when I'm a little more awake so I can revel in Johnny Depp's Johnny Deppness.

My professional organization just released its new website. Go take a gander. I had amazingly little to do with it, but somehow I've managed to reap most of the credit.  See how I did that?  When you figure it out, tell me.

At any rate, appearances for the year are starting to shake out: 

Alas, I won't be at Pikes Peak again this year. It's a terrible time for me busywise, and I have other plans that weekend.

Found out today I am going to be talking at COLORADO GOLD, our writers conference. I have 3 events, including a Short Story Intensive that I'm very, very excited about, plus sundry social duties. It's a great conference, so if you ever wanted to come to a good one, visit Colorado, and meet MOI, that'll be a fair place to do all three.

Authorfest is still up in the air for me, though I love a reason to visit crazy, arty Manitou Springs.

WILL be at Mile  Hi Con, and I might have my son in tow.
This is very advanced notice, but we're trying to work out how to come to Worldcon in San Diego in 2011.  If I have a book to promote, that would ease the pocketbook a great deal...
Also, can't recall if I mentioned I'm teaching a short writing class starting this summer.  Deets forthcoming.

To answer a slew of emails with one fell swoop: Yes yes, I know Stuart was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Sometimes I get notified of these things in advance. Sorry it's just a link.  So Not Cool. But if I were smart enough to embed it, well, then I wouldn't still have this archaic, crappy looking blogger site, now would I?

Watch the whole bit for an amusing shout-out to me. Besides, Craig makes me giggle and Stuart held his own. And I had to laugh at Craig's first line: I only say that to him myself every other sentence when Stuart and I are chatting. Of course, we're usually drinking beer in a loud bar so maybe it's not the accent after all... 

Shower and jams now. I've had a full day.

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