happy saturday

Sleep, glorious sleep.

I could write a fucking poem. With the help of a countertop keg, I got some sleep last night.  Hours and hours.  I also watched the end of Robin Hood. What a disappointment!  Too bad the writers couldn't think of anything better.  But it sparked lots of ideas for the story my kid wants me to finish, so it wasn't an entire #fail.

Electric Spec is now listed in Locus.  It's been for awhile, but it also features a nice interview, apparently, with one of our authors, Nikki Kiriki Hoffman, our headliner this time.

My release party is on, yo.  We're looking at a Thursday night in January, cuz while the book is important and all, it is snowboarding season. The book goes on sale January 1 but being an internet sale, we're not limited to shelf half-life like regular paperbacks.

I'm like 90 times more cheerful than yesterday.  Maybe my funk is fading away.  Probably not entirely, but sleep helped and hanging with barn people helped. Someone asked me last night who I trained under in Chicago. Heh. I'm all, "Dude, it's been 25 years."  True that.

Aaand, it's official. I'm planning a new website. The husband needs a project and we know people who know people who can do it well on the cheap. Seriously, blogger just aint cuttin' it any longer. I'll syndicate the blog over there, so don't worry. You'll be able to find me all sorts of ways.  But after fussing with trying to get my book cover on my sidebar for an hour yesterday, I realized there must be an easier way.  Srsly.  

'Nother partay tonight.  We drove by one at the end of our street, which several folks had asked me if I was attending. I'm all, "Uh, no. They don't like us.  They yell at us for driving too fast."  Even though I've gotten one speeding ticket in 27 years of driving and I don't drive too fast.  We have kids on this street, for crissake.  Our cars are loud.  The husband's s'posed to have a meeting with the guy. Cracks me up.  I told him to drive up in the Monster Jeep and rev the engine.

I know. I'm a rebel that way.

In a side note, the delete key on my keyboard also deletes backwards randomly.  THIS MICROSOFT KEYBOARD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea what he did with my old one though. Sigh.

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